Many seniors prefer receiving care in their own home

This option has many short-comings and eventually becomes inadequate and unmanageable. Their next best option and preference is a residential care home - not an institution.


By 2021 the first of 76M Baby Boomers will turn 75

Nearly 30% of people over 75 need long-term care today. Another 40% will need some form of long-term care within their lifetime.

4,000 people turn 85 every day

More than 52% need memory care and personal assistance for a variety of physical and cognitive impairments.


This exploding wave is creating a massive demand for quality residential care homes


Be ahead of the curve

Invest in the massive demand of residential care homes - hassle-free. Our program provides you a path for solid cash flow and reduces your exposure of market downturns and crashes.



More than 150,000 seniors in Washington State need long-term personal and memory care.

Their preferred option is a residential senior care home, not an institution.

This number is rapidly growing and there is a current bed shortage.


Residential senior care homes are called Adult Family Homes in the state of Washington.

We focus on acquiring high-demand, high-quality Adult Family Homes in upscale locations.

These homes rent for up to 3X market rate of similar residential properties, ensuring high cash flow to you.


Our investments are non-leveraged real estate. You cannot be foreclosed.

We lease to stable, long-term business tenants in a booming senior care industry.

You own the real estate without the management headaches or liability.


How do we do it?

Acquiring top real estate for maximum growth and appreciation

Acquiring top real estate for maximum growth and appreciation

Peter kim

Partner / Acquisitions

Peter Kim is the founder/owner of Odigo Group, a nationally ranked top 1% real estate company located in the Seattle and greater area.

Peter is no stranger to large, complex and unique investment opportunities. He recently completed a $26M 100-unit acquisition for one of his clients.

Peter enables us to locate, analyze, and acquire the best real-estate opportunities for maximum price appreciation and growth in the Seattle and greater area.

Acquiring top tenants for headache-free operations and supporting them

Acquiring top tenants for headache-free operations and supporting them

Joseph spada, LPN

Partner / AFH Xpress Lane Program

Joseph is a highly sought after Adult Family Home industry expert, consultant, and teacher. He is the founder of Spada Care Homes and operated adult family homes in Seattle for over 28 years.

Joseph is the author of a #2 Amazon bestseller book on elderly care. It’s the only book educating consumers on adult family homes.

He is one of very few DSHS-approved instructors in the state of Washington to teach new Adult Family Home operators the 52-hour AFH Administrator Certification course. If you wish to become a cream-of-the-crop AFH Provider, you’ll want Joseph’s guidance.

Joseph enables us to maximize operator/tenant success. Every RAL Holdings property includes Joseph’s management oversight. Every tenant goes through our AFH Express Lane Program and receives personalized training and support for industry best-practices in sales, marketing, and operations.

With Joseph, your investments will be headache-free and your profits maximized.

Property management for great cash flow and sustainability

Property management for great cash flow and sustainability

John Kim

Partner / Property Management

John is a top residential and commercial broker for Keller Williams Realty. John specializes in acquiring and managing multifamily rental properties for great cash flow and asset appreciation.

In addition, John is an expert in acquiring foreclosure properties, creating tremendous value through careful renovation, and flipping them for great profit.

John’s intimate knowledge of building and development processes enables us to purchase under-appreciated properties, renovate them and unleash value creation for maximum rental potential.

Seeking the best balance of cash flow, profitability and risk management for our investors

Seeking the best balance of cash flow, profitability and risk management for our investors

Colin Wong

Partner / President

Colin was one of the first 500 employees of Google and has served as CEO and CTO of several successful technology companies. He has over 25 years of multi-disciplinary corporate experience involving sales, marketing, finance, legal and operations.

Colin runs Elyon Consulting, a software consulting company focused on Internet and mobile applications.

Colin and his wife Erin started Cornerstone, an upscale senior care home in Bellevue. His intimate knowledge as an owner affords him great insight in both investing and running these homes.

In addition, Colin is co-founder of, an internet software company providing caregiver credential management.

The Silver Tsunami refers to the fact that in the next 25 years the number of people older than 65 will double.
— Forbes magazine