The Path to Adult Family Home Ownership


The AFH Xpress Lane program is for caregivers and medical professionals wishing to own and operate their own Adult Family Home. If you lack startup capital and cannot qualify for a loan, come talk to us.


How We Can Help You


Startup Financing

Start your Adult Family Home business immediately with a RAL Holdings solution that requires minimal capital. No down payment to purchase a home is required.


Quick Path to AFH Ownership

Receive step-by-step guidance on how to start your business, run it successfully and within a few short years qualify for a bank loan to purchase and own your home.


Be Part of A Team

Don’t struggle on your own through trial and error. The path to success is to learn from others who have already done it successfully. Receive ongoing support, training and mentoring from the Xpress Lane community.

Are you ready to transform your life for the better? Ditch your caregiver’s job and modest income for a rewarding and prosperous career in residential senior care?

The AFH Xpress Lane Program is for motivated nurses and caregivers with a strong desire to own an Adult Family Home but lacks the start-up capital or large bank loan to acquire the real estate.
— Joseph Spada, LPN

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