The Critical Success Factors

to investing in Adult Family Homes


Real Estate

You need real estate expertise to determine what makes a good Adult Family Home. What is the market demand in a neighborhood? What are the determining factors for high rentals?



You need a strong understand of the AFH business to understand how to find and manage good operator tenants. How does DSHS ownership transfer work? How do you know a tenant is capable of sustaining their business?



You need continual hands-on management of the real estate and management of the tenant. How do you support them to success? How do you manage cash flow disruptions & emergencies? How do you identify early warning signs and red flags and overcome them?


The RAL Holdings Way

We take care of everything for you. We source and qualify real estate with our proprietary algorithm. We negotiate real estate purchases from the seller. We have qualified operators in our AFH Xpress Lane program, ready to take over as new tenants. We ensure smooth license transfers with DSHS. We provide continual training, support and best-practices guidance to our tenants to succeed in their business. We make sure your investment is headache-free and optimally cash flowing for success.


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